Author: Perri Ann Barley

Director: Craig Barley

Additional Material: Steven Clark

Choreography: Devon Wells

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. Ida has so many children (and a cat) she doesn’t know what to do!

Her cat appears to be leading more than one of his nine lives; daughter, Harmony, won’t speak to anyone apart from a “Bullfrog”, and son, Jack, has only gone and sold the neighbour’s “cow” in exchange for Magic Beans.

Neighbour, Mrs Hubbard, is on the warpath and has called in a Private Detective to find the missing cow, plus several other items that have gone missing. To add to Ida’s problems, the Pirates are in town led by Captain Ned Rascallion, who wants the Magic Beans and will do anything o get them!

Can Ida protect her family from the Pirates?

Will the Detective solve the mystery of the missing ite,s?