Aladdin Of Aagrahphobia

Author: Perri Ann Barley

Director: Craig Barley

Choreography: Devon Wells

The Sultana of Aagrahphobia is desperate to find a rich, handsome Prince for her daughter, Jasmine, to marry.

Jasmine is desperate to find her the peasant, Aladdin, with whom she fell in love “at first sight” with in the marketplace.

Jafar is desperate to find the “Magic Lamp” so he can become the most powerful man in the world.

Aladdin is desperate for Jasmine’s hand in marriage but believes she will only fall in love with him if he were a rich prince.

Eugene, the Genie, is desperate to be free from his lamp and lead a normal life for once.

Everyone else? Well, they are just desperate to get through the show without forgetting their lines!

Charities: MNDA & Martin House Children’s Hospice.